Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Box- My Thoughts

Forest Gump's Mama said that 'Life was Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gnna get''

This is kind of how I felt when I ordered this palette.  Mixed reviews had me wondering if this would be 'yet another' palette stuck in the bottom of the drawer, because it sucked....

I'm sure everyone knows enough about this palette already to know, that it is chocolate themed nudes, made with 100% cocoa powder.  '16 anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder infused matte and shimmer shades' to be precise.

What that means to you and me is this : 16 shades of eye shadow, named along a cute chocolate theme, that smell AMAZING.  I know this, because my 4 year old agreed, and he is the most honest person I know.

The palette itself is a cute tin in the shape of a chocolate bar:

It comes with a great little leaflet to show you a few looks to get you started.  I love these, I know how to apply eye makeup, but I like to follow the instructions perfectly to see if they are terrible.  Do we remember the UD Smoked Palette? I followed that perfectly and it was terrible.

ANYWAY, I digress....my one little and some what silly gripe about this is that it tells you to use the shade 'Hot Cocoa' in the look, of the same name....but where is this colour?  This colour doesn't exist in my palette, because when they translated the names from French to English, they renamed this 'Hot Chocolate', they did not rename it in the English instructions.  Is it a big deal? No, does it ruin the palette? No, does it bug me? because when paying for a premium product I expect details to be perfect? a little.

The palette on the inside:

Isn't it pretty? 
These shadows are a great size, I love my Naked palettes as much as the next beauty blogger, but I hate that they are so thin, albeit a long shape.  These are just right for a makeup brush.

Also....I LOVE that Too Faced gave you extra big base/highlight colours.  I like to think the discussion in the Too Faced Product Development Office went like this....

1: We should put more colours in...
2. Na, lets just make the 2 colours you would use the most, REALLY big

So they did, I applaud this, I am a fan of ratios, seriously, you should see me eating dip...I am incredibly conscious of the ratio of dip to dipping food.
The ratio of base colour to 'actual' colour is great. 
There is a nude matte, 'White Chocolate' and a beautiful pale pink shimmer 'Champagne Truffle' for my skin tone, these are perfect for any look I would want to create.

I didn't do swatches, I'm sure everyone had seem millions of them.  I didn't find them as chalky as a lot of bloggers did, but then I wouldn't EVER use eye shadow without a primer, which I think combats most of this problem.

My biggest issue with this palette is the lack of names on the palette itself, there is one of those horrible plastic covers with the names on it, which means I have to keep it forever, or forget the names.  It's a pain.  Makeup Production Companies of the world...STOP DOING THIS.
I know it is probably because you sell your product all over the world and rather than make a palette for each, you print a plastic sheet, but really, we don't mind if you want to name a product in another language.  Just as long as you know, most of us will pronounce it wrongly...

I love this palette, the durability of the palette is great, it doesn't feel like it will break like the reinforced card ones do.  I feel like it is a stand alone product.  I am constantly searching for the perfect 'all you need' palette, I don't know why, because lets face it, I'm never likely to travel light on makeup...BUT I do like having the choice, the mix of shimmer, to sparkle, to matte is great.  The colour selection is love.
All in all, I love this palette, and I increasingly find myself reaching for it more than my Nakeds...

Do you have this palette? Would you use it? Should eye shadows even have a scent?

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