Monday, 17 March 2014

The Return of Makeup and Smell the Coffee....

Makeup and Smell the Coffee is back, and a new and evolved version of itself, because I don't fit into an Aussie Blogger category, but also not a British Blogger category, I plan to make my own set of rules.

While I don't intend on this becoming a lifestyle blog, I do intend on widening the range that I write about, there will be the usual FOTDs, reviews, tags and faves, there will also be an expansion of what makeup and beauty products mean to me, the emotions surrounding how it makes us feel, the connection with particular brands or products.  The whole, bigger picture.

So much of what we love about makeup in emotional.  Makeup is one of the few things, where those who have NOTHING to do with it, feel they get an opinion*. Most people who judge another by their hair or clothing, do, themselves, have hair, and wear clothes.  Many of the most judgmental people I have come across, -in regards to makeup- are either men, who don't wear makeup, or women, who don't wear makeup.

Makeup has always been so much more than just about how you look, it has much to do with how you feel.

I personally have a chronic fear of wearing the wrong colour foundation.  This meant for much of my adult life, when I would go to town on eye-makeup, I wouldn't wear foundation.  It took a long time for me to gain the skills and trust in my own eyes, to try.

This stemmed from High School, when one of my fiends did just that.  She wore a powder that made her orange- do you remember how awful girls (and boys) could be in school? She was called 'The Orange Panda'.  I don't even know that the name makes sense, but at the age of 13 I was scared of makeup, of getting it wrong, of getting called names.  So I didn't bother.
16 years later, and I rarely leave the house without at least a tinted moisturiser.  Why? Because, in a full 180, it makes me feel better about myself.

I get so much joy from makeup, applying it to myself, applying it to other people, sharing my knowledge, writing about it, Hell, I even enjoy sorting it out, sitting in the makeup room of my old house, used to just calm me.  Everything was organised and everything was beautiful and mine.  Even washing my makeup brushes can feel therapeutic.

I never had to worry that makeup might not fit, that makeup might make my boobs look small (HA! chance would be a find thing) or my bum look big.  Makeup always fit, it changes with fashions, but not to the same degree, it rarely wears out, and unlike that top, that looked great in the change rooms? Makeup doesn't rely on the trick of the light in the change room, or what a pushy salesperson says.  Makeup is about how you feel wearing it, how you think you look, and what you get from it.

Perhaps, these are the reasons that when I left Australia for the UK, I seemed to pack very few clothes, but THIS is the make up that made the trip.

That, and 12 months in storage isn't such a great idea for makeup.

What are your makeup fears? have you conquered them? do you know how to, if you tried? What does makeup mean to you?

*The other one time that springs to mind is parenting, people who don't have children are the first to dish up advice on how to be a parent.

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