Thursday, 29 September 2011

So You Say You Want A Revolution...

Woo... a product review.
This week's product review comes in the shape of an Urban Decay "Revolution" eyelash curler.  On the whole, I don't bother with eyelash curlers because mascara being what it is these days, the need isn't the same as it used to be, having said that, I have yet to find a waterproof mascara that curls like the others. 

I have a fear of lash curlers, I pretty much cannot use them without catching my eye lid, usually this isn't in the curler itself but rather the sides of it.  When researching Urban Decay products I stumbled across the "Revolution" I watched the promo video (you can see it here) and I was well an truly sucked in.
It is hard to see in that picture but this curler has no sides to the actual curling part.  It does look like a torture instrument BUT it does what is claimed although it is still more than possible to catch your eyelids but its MUCH less likely.  The other clever thing about this curler having no sides to it is that if you have small eye or even big eyes you can easily use it in sections rather than, like the website says a 'one size fits all' curler.
This is a better view of the curling part and the missing sides.  It works by using springs and is really a clever little design. 

As far as eye lash curlers go its pretty pricey but I love Urban Decay so I bought it and i can safely say that although sucked in by the video I have never been so happy with an eyelash curler.  So far I haven't nipped my eye lids once.  So they're pretty happy too.  Strangely though, since I bough them I seem to have got free eye lash curlers with everything, so if anyone wants a pair, sing out. :)

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