Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This week I decided to do a little comparison of 3 readily available, reasonably priced foundations.  I chose 3 different  Maybelline foundations "Dream Liquid Mousse", "Dream Smooth Mousse, and the recently released "Fit Me" foundation.
First off the ranks was "Fit Me", it went on well,  had  nice coverage without looking cakey and a little went a long way, making it great value for money, however by the time I finished work and looked in my rear view mirror there was we little trace of it.  I work a standard 8.5 hr day and so I expect my makeup to manage that at the least, I’m not a gym instructor, where possible I try not to break a sweat at work.  So it’s lasting power was lacking but the colour match was super and I would certainly use it for an evening makeup.  The best thing about this foundation was the feel, not feeling caked on and the worst thing was the open neck bottle so getting a little on to the back of my hand was tricky and messy.

The Next day I tried “Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse”.  Again, went on easily, felt a little heavier and certainly didn't live up to its claim of an air brushed finish (that I never really believed any way).  This one managed a bit better on the full work day. I touch up my powder at lunch with a translucent powder and it seemed ok then but by the time I got to my car my chin was shiney and foundationless.  It did however seem to stay on the rest of my face better than the “Fit Me”. I loved the awesome little pump top so you could get just enough out easily and relatively mess free. The worst was the heavier feel but then if you don’t mind that this is a good product.
Finally I used the Maybelline ‘Dream Smooth Mousse”, I deliberately left this one to last because when I took it out to look at it, it was almost slimy.  I tried to apply it with my foundation brush, having converted to the brush, I'm reluctant to go back by using a sponge.  This stuff just wouldn't work. I had to use the sponge and in doing so ended up with a thicker application. (a bit like trowelling out concrete) It felt a bit masky for my liking but then, for every day, I tend to use a tinted moisturizer set with a powder so it’s nice and light. 
The other problem with the mousse is that there were no testers in the shop(whether this is common or not I am not sure, but it was the case in the store I was in) so I bought the same shade as I had in the other 2 types, it seemed fine in my bathroom but then in the harsh light of the mirror at work it was a little orange, nobody openly called me an orange panda so I’m not sure at all.  The best thing is that it offers a great coverage (whether you like it or not) the worst thing, well either that it needs a sponge to apply it or that it’s in a jar, and the top is screw off so you have 2 pieces, not handy for anything.
So, in conclusion, over the 3 days I tried 3 different foundations, if it wasn't for the fact I desperately wanted to get back to my every day moisturizer I would have tried them out for longer.  I'm always worried when I buy a foundation  than it will end up looking orange, even if I do try the 3 stripe (good shade, 1 lighter, 1 darker to be sure) thing.  I found that not getting to test the mousse in store was infuriating as I think the colour I selected  made me look a little orange.  Having said that, if you don't mind feeling like you're wearing makeup it did give a lovely coverage.  Not quite air brushed but certainly smooth.  If however you wanted something to even up skin tone and little more, you cannot go past the “Fit Me” as an option.
My personal favorite? Although it didn't do the whole 8 hr of work the Fit Me was my pick of the 3.  I think if I took it with me to potentially re-apply or for an evening makeup, it would be great.

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