Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Free Samples

I love free samples, they're great 1. Because they're free. Duh.  but 2. Because it means I get a chance to try out new products before potentially spending a large amount of money. 
My fave is Clinique, they have a huge and wonderful range of products BUT they're not cheap.  However if you know it will be worth the splurge its different.  My best example of this is my moisturiser.  I couldn't find one that didn't cause a reaction until one day my mum gave me the sample bottle of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion.  It was bliss, so for my Christmas she got me a full size bottle.  Like I say, its not cheap BUT it lasts about a year and it didn't give me any problems and to this day, still hasn't.  Go ahead ask as the beauty counters.  Tell them the problem/s you have i.e. sensitive skin, super dry, really oily and let them find the right product and hopefully a sample.

This is just an example of the gift with purchase offers clinique have, you usually have to spend over $60 but look at the number and range of products you get FREE!!

Check it out here

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