Sunday, 28 August 2011

The birth of Makeup and Smell the Coffee

I LOVE MAKEUP.  There I said it.  I have a ridiculous amount of makeup.  I had a big sister, she never taught me how to use it, so most of my experience involved trial and error.  Then the internet came along and suddenly there are people all over the world teaching me how to do smokey eyes in 7 different colour variations.  Others offering reviews on a massively expensive eye shadow pallette that you can't get in Australia anyway... most of it made me sad.  So I decided to start this blog.  I will review ordinary products you might find in any chemist as well as the more high end luxury items.  I will of course be reviewing items that are easily accessible in Australia, even if  by post.  I will also keep you all updated on my amazing makeup finds, either because they are wonderful or well priced or hopefully both.  If I get time I also fully intend on having some step by step tutorials or the picture by picture kind.  I find these easier to follow than a video but also I think they give a better idea of where you're headed for the final look.  With that I hope everyone who reads my blog either learns something or gains something or simply enjoys the read.

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