Thursday, 1 November 2012

What's in my Makeup Bag?

I generally don't carry a makeup bag, when I do, its for emergencies more then touch ups, you know, like when you think your eyeliner is perfect then get in the car, drive somewhere, check your mirror and realise it looks uneven?
My bag is one my mum bought me as part of a Lancome set, it has an expander zip, so you can make it bigger or smaller, oh, and its purple!

I'm pretty good at Tetris, so I get loads on here:

Like I say, it's more for emergencies than full touch ups, so with that:

A mirror, a powder, a teeny tiny perfume and half a nail file- my dear son snapped it, but it still does the job.

Blotting paper and makeup remover wipes, because you just never know.

A double ended mascara and liquid liner- black, of course.

2 small Palettes with shadows, blush, gloss and bronzer.

Annnnd it wouldn't be me without a mini brush set!

There we have it, pretty simple, if I'm going out I will take any particular item too, but these are the staples I run with.

What's in your makeup bag?


  1. I carry around a concealer, eyeliner, lipbalm and makeup remover. They're all for emergencies too as I find that I don't have time to touch up during the day anyway.

    1. Sounds perfect! Even if I had time to touch up, the lighting in the bathrooms at work would result in utter failure...

  2. I too try to keep a simple make up bag, but it's hard to do! Do you have any make up tutorials for eye shadow? If I try anything on here, I'll reblog it and give you credit, Thanks!


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