Thursday, 19 July 2012

Blush Brush Bomb Diggity

A few weeks ago, I posted a haul post about my new Real Techniques brushes.  I've been finding every excuse to try them out and I love them all, but the stand out brush for me has got to be this one:
No shit, it is possibly the best blush brush I've ever used.  Its brilliantly tapered to allow precise application to the cheeks, but its big, soft and fluffy enough to enable blending too.  Yesterday I used it on a friend who's cheeks, either love or hate blush, because it always looks like clown couture, it never blends and it looks horrid.  Alas, enter Real Techniques blush brush, magic, needless to say, even prior to the brilliant blush outcomes on Jo's face (I forgot to take a picture, I'm so annoyed) I had bought more.  I like to have at least 2 of each brush I find amazing, one for my kit and one for my face, I wash my brushes often and fastidiously, so I'm not worried about using them interchangeably, BUT its a pain to remove it from my kit to use on my face, then wash it and remember to put it back, I'm just not that good.  Therefore having 2 or more, (OK, more, I have 4 of these now) is just the sensible thing to do.

I believe the RRP for these in Priceline is about $25 but there are plenty of retailers online offering them for a much more reasonable price such as iHerb where this particular brush is US$9 (about AU$8.70) and shipping for this item alone is $6 (about AU$5.80) calculated by weight.  That's pretty cheap, hell, even at $25 this brush is worth the money, I can not say enough about it.

Seriously, if you're looking for reasonably cheap brushes, the Real Techniques range are pretty kick ass.


  1. I adore this brush too!! All of the RT brushes are fab!

    1. They are all fab, and even at the Aus prices, they ae still more than worth the money. I just love how this tapers to a fine point which I find gives great precision for application but then a little firmer application and blending is a dream.


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