Monday, 23 April 2012

I'm going apologise immediately for the lack of photos in this post, really its just a wee rant about the course I started...
The course itself runs twice a year, so you would think they would be relatively organised.  They're not.
The kit cost $255 so you would think it would have a reasonable array of goodies.  It does not.
Thankfully the lovely lass Ange, who is taking the course is:
1. Immensely knowledgeable
2. Completely open to suggestion...She has said I can 'go nuts' on my folio, as long as I have my 1. bridal, 1 day look and 1. mens makeup, I may do whatever I want for the rest....excellent....its what I wanted to hear
3. She admits she is still learning (not in a 'I'm new to this' way but rather a 'I love everything about makeup so there is always room for improvement' way
3. Believes this course should be about as much practical stuff as possible, you can't learn makeup skill from a book alone
4. Had stunning eyeliner, I know hairdressers cannot be judged by their hair because they don't cut it themselves, it is absolutely fair to say a makeup artist probably does do their own makeup and as such is presenting their skills right in front of you.

Having said all of that, I read this today...I mean, of course I did, its on Makeup Utopia....
I don't ever plan to be a full time makeup artist, would love to, but it will never happen.  What I want to do is be an after hours makeup artist, so I can still work my day job...based from home...really so I can justify my makeup collection...
Read away....So you want to be a makeup super-star? (please understand I am of course ripping off a Cypress Hill song here)

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  1. Justify your makeup collection was exactly my reason for going, but my makeup collection doubled after starting the course! I have to keep my personal stuff separate from my MUA kit :)


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